Welcome to Cowley News – we are a local online newspaper operating in the Cowley area. Our site and newspaper is funded by local businesses, sponsors and donations.

Our Online Newspaper was set up to compliment our paper newspaper, where some articles are posted only digitally. We also decided that a digital newspaper would be greener and would help deliver local news more regularly than the paper-version. During COVID-19, we believe it’s important to keep our community in-the-loop!

Cowley News has been started by Councillor David Henwood, and has been developed with the help of local sponsors and journalists. Our vision is to help local businesses and causes advertise on our site/paper at a reasonable price – this is all part of our pledge to support the local community.

All money that is generated by our advertising and donations go back into the making of the newspaper.

Historically, Cowley News was run by the Ark-T Centre in Oxford and was incredibly popular among local residents. Our plan is to re-introduce this much-loved newspaper, but to more residents than ever before. The development of our website also contributes to this, and we hope to cut down on paper usage to protect the environment, and only deliver to those who can’t access the web.

Long-term, we will create articles on our website daily, with physical newspapers being delivered every quarter – all by volunteers. We will also create a mailing list so you can subscribe to news alerts and featured posts.

We hope that you manage to find some useful information on our site, and we welcome any donations, sponsors, advertising requests, and if you have a story you’d like to publish then please feel free to get in touch.

Advertising Enquiries: advertising@cowley.news

Send us your story: newsdesk@cowley.news

Thank you for visiting Cowley News!

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