Councillor calls for LTN Review in Cowley

COUNCILLOR David Henwood – a city Councillor in Cowley, is calling for a review on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme that recently began its trial phase.

After speaking with local residents during a online video consultation, it was clear that the LTN installations have caused upset and inconvenience to the majority of residents both inside and outside of the area.

In particular, residents were angry following a recent incident whereby an Emergency Ambulance was delayed reaching a patient in a critical condition due to the non-folding bollard. The patient sadly died.

Mark Ainsworth, Director of Operations at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, said: “On 14 March, an ambulance crew were sent to a patient at an address on Littlemore Road, Oxford, following a 999 call received at 12:43.

“The ambulance arrived at the property at 12:52. Whilst this is a slightly longer response than the national target set for average response times to Category 1 calls (<7 minutes) it did meet the national response target of responding to Category 1 calls in 9 times out of 10 within 15 minutes.

“On route to the address, the ambulance crew initially followed a route that was impassable due to the recently introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme in the area. In this instance, the delay did not affect the outcome for the patient.”

David Henwood spoke with ITV News Meridian on 22/03/2021 and said: “We have to reflect on what we can do to make the system better, and in my view, these bollards need to be removable – as we planned them, and as we said we will deliver them to our public, and I am simply not happy that these bollards are in a fixed position that prevent our Emergency Services from passing through.”

You can read the story on the ITV News Meridian site here.

David is working and campaigning for…

·  A review of the Littlemore Road LTN. The current LTN layout provides poor access to the Cowley Centre and a poor quality of life for Church Cowley Road residents. An urgent review would also consider future road or utility infrastructure maintenance and repairs, avoiding unnecessary traffic gridlock

·  Urgently review the Newman Road junction to provide safer means of access for all user groups

·  Replace the three fixed central bollards of the LTN scheme for foldable, or lockable bollards to improve emergency vehicle access

·  Review Mayfair Road LTN with local residents

·  Access for Blue Badge holders, doctors, nurses, carers, pharmaceutical and business deliveries on Bartholomew Road and Holloway Bus Gates

·  Off-peak ANPR camera amnesty for all local residents, and relaxed operation on weekends and holidays

·  An inclusive consultation for all residents affected by the LTN scheme, before the six-month trial ends

·  Resurfacing of several roads, having campaigned for the resurfacing of Florence Park Road and Campbell Road successfully

· Introduce Bikeability (Cycling Proficiency) schemes to secondary schools in the area

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