Mask Crusader: Sheila Tree

Sheila Tree has now made over a 1,000 masks for local residents

By David Henwood

Respected Cowley historian and passionate sewer Sheila Tree produces approx. 24 masks a day for local residents from her home in Campbell Road. Sheila has now made over a 1000 masks! She is also the author of the popular book ‘The Changing Faces of Florence Park’

Sheila said, ‘I found another resident who makes scrubs and delivers them to the JR, I use those off-cuts from the scrubs to make masks.’

Sheila, 90, arrived in the area when she was 3 in 1935 and has always been active in the community.  Sheila has now put her hand to making trendy masks for anyone that would like one.

The masks are located on her front gate, near the junction of Cornwallis and Campbell Road.

Update (October 8th): Sheila has produced a staggering 2,200 masks, and is now taking a well deserved rest.

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