Barn’s Court Allotments

By Chris. Bonfiglioli

Coronavirus has changed our relationships in many ways, not just with other people, but also with food and the land that feeds us all. Many people are hoping that a new normal will come out of the present situation. Allotments and growing your own food brings a new understandings of where the food we eat comes from and also of the plants, birds and animals that we share our environment with.  Hopefully any ‘new normal’ will only bring good things; a strengthened connection with our fragile environment and our fellows.

Growing your own food locally has a lot of advantages; exercise and of course, delicious fruit, vegetables and herbs. Mojito with fresh mint anyone?

Edwin Wager a 30 year veteran said, “It’s hard work, but it is also nice to meet people and have a cup of tea.”

Dave Robertson, the Chairman of Barn’s Court Allotment Association has been encouraging people to engage with the earth by encouraging a variety of growing styles including. The nature area at the allotments will soon include a pond, fruit trees and a wildlife corner. Foxes, hedgehogs, red kites and lots of other wildlife share the space with local people.

 Allotments in the Cowley area:

Barn’s Court

Contact, Dave Roberston, 07979 608811

10 Pole (£42), 5 pole (£21), 2½pole (£18)   1 pole = approx 5m

Barracks Lane Allotment Association


Batholomew Road Allotments

Contact: Jenny Mould, Secretary

Tel: 07811 410573



East Ward: Cricket Road

Contact: George Murray


Find out more at:

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