Introducing our New “Eco Column” Recycling Dish Water!

Local resident, explains how to recycle water from the kitchen sink!

By David Henwood

Have your read water bill recently? Your water bill is divided into two parts. In the first part, your bill tells you how much water you have used. The second part is concerned with the water you throw away! So don’t throw it away!

Here’s how one resident reduced her water bill and kept her plants fed. While our water butts emptied, Nori filled her 12 litre watering can at least 4 times a day. Not just water, but 48 litres of nutricious garden magic.

Nori explained, “A friend gave us some tomato plants. Our water butt was empty; still is. As I stood in the garden perplexed, my son was washing the dishes. As I watched the water slip down the kitchen drain, I had an epiphany. How could I recycle the water?”

“We have switched to bio degradable soaps, so now my plants are doing really well, and I’m willing to share my secret.”

‘I was concerned about the  water from the dishwasher , but after a trial of two weeks, I haven’t lost a plant! Encouraged, I have invited Thames Water to pay a visit, and to see if they were comfortable with my idea. They are, and now my bills are cheaper, and I can buy more plants!”

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