SPECIAL OFFER: Cheap Web & E-Mail Hosting for CN Readers!

Local IT Support company AJRB Services are offering Cowley News readers a month of Unlimited Web Hosting for only 99p, then only £5.00 a month thereafter**. This service includes your own portal to install your favourite one-click applications, such as WordPress, Accounting Tools etc. Best of all, there is no limit to how many applications you can install.

You can also host up to 10 e-mail addresses with your own domain, then £1.00 per e-mail address thereafter. Don’t own a domain? No problem – we can supply one at some of the cheapest prices on the market, starting from 99p*.

So – what is the benefit of having this service?

Well to begin with, it generates way more leads having a professional website and e-mail address, than using a @gmail.com address. It is also managed so if there are any issues, support is only an e-mail away.

You can also cancel the service at any time, there is absolutely no commitment, but we are sure that you will be so happy with the service that you will not feel the need to leave.

AJRB Services is based in Oxford and they designed and host the Cowley News website. They also support and update the site regularly. Their award-winning security products protect the site from vulnerabilities, and pro-active monitoring ensures that all updates are applied within hours of them becoming available.

You will also get regular service reviews to see if you’re happy with your service and the support that they provide.

This package is perfect for small and start-up businesses and individuals with a requirement for a website and e-mails. We work with businesses across the UK, but our rates are discounted for Oxford residents.

We offer alternative plans if you are interested in e-mail only hosting, or limited hosting at a cheaper rate.

How do I sign up?

Simple. Just e-mail sales@ajrb.co.uk and someone will get back to you in a few hours to explain the process. If you own your own domain, then you will be provided instructions to point to our servers, or if you purchase a domain from us, then we will set everything up for you. Be sure to include your referral code: COWLEYNEWS2021 for your monthly discount (RRP £12/month).

I already have E-Mail & Web Hosting but want a cheaper package.

No problem. We will talk you through the migration process, and depending on the terms of your existing provider, we may be able to move everything across for you.

*- The price of a domain is set by the registrar and is an annual cost.

**- This service does not include the design of your website, although we can offer this service at a discounted rate. Your monthly rate is flat-rate and is guaranteed to not increase until at least April 2022.

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