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Florence Park Gates
Complete the poll below to let the City Council know how you feel about opening and locking the park gates.

Often described as a peoples’ park, Florence Park was opened in 1934 after the land was presented to the City of Oxford by Councillor F. E. Moss. Morris’s firm developed the adjoining Florence Park Estate to house the workers of the Morris Cowley car factory. The land was given to create a park in memory of his sister, Florence.

In recent years, the park has been the venue for many popular events, such as FloFest and Incredible Edible Oxford, as well as continuing to develop excellent biodiversity practices and Community Grants to organise regular gardening sessions and working parties.

Florence Park is locked either at dusk or 21.00. A consultation was carried out in 2016 to see if the Council should continue locking the park. The majority of local residents wanted to keep it locked. The recent decision to leave the gates open has raised concerns for individual and environmental safety.

Cowley News is campaigning for a formal public consultation to address local concerns, and suggest alternative methods of closing the park gates. Cowley News would also like the City Council to consider using RADAR key, compliant locks for those who need access to public disabled toilets.

Locking Florence Park Gates

Would you like to see the gates of Florence Park locked at night?

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